Organizing Colors

You may remember my new project mention here. Last night I finally felt inspired to conquer my parents' book clutter... They aren't in town so I'm quite excited for them to come back to this surprise. Apparently we have neglected the books' home. I had a couple free hours last night so I decided I would just quickly do it--only took an hour!!
Ellie helped sort the books into category/color... While Yoko cried two rooms over at the fact I was focusing and carrying something [books] instead of her.
No masterpiece but definitely not as frightening as before!  
One of the many fun things I found while going through the books: my dad's senior high school yearbook. An art school in 1969? You know it was filled with fun! 
Stumbled across some of my yearbooks, too. Kindergarten photos: Tie-dye peace sign meets blazer and bow.
Definitely the making of Ki Designs CEO. 
Have a happy Monday! I'm off to complete many many paint projects currently surrounding me. Better move them before Ellie puts her paws on them...