Hello, from the Other Side

Hello, from the other side...I'm back... for now!
New designs to welcome all your guests! Keeping it simple with neutral tones and classic patterns. What says welcome more than a hostess pineapple?!
I have also been focusing on developing some new products.. What do you all think about these custom child stools? Any other items you can think of that you wish Ki Designs created??
Let me know! I love ideas and inspiration!

Pirates Life for Me

The holiday season is beginning! Although the Sunshine State is staying true to it's name and shining bright (and warm!), Christmas is still upon us. Know someone that has everything and loves Tampa? Ki Designs Gasparilla and Tampa themed items make the perfect gift for any household! 
What is your favorite part about the Gasparilla season? I love how everyone's front door becomes festive and colorful with vibrant feathers, skulls, parrots and ships!
Pirates life for Ki! Contact us for all your Gasparilla, wreaths, pirates and Tampa themed needs! So many new shapes debuting in the upcoming season!

Peeking at Pumpkins

Happy First day of Fall!! Finishing up our newest pumpkin to add to the patch. They'll be available on the site soon. 
This is my absolute favorite holiday and season! 

Sippin' Champagne When We Thirstay

New stemless PLASTIC champagne glasses. I don't know about you, but I'm LOVING these. Perfect for entertaining outside during the Summer and upcoming Fall weather. I mean, who else has an issue dropping glasses sometimes? I know I am guilty of doing it... often. The classic round monogram is perfect for everyone or add a little flair with the flamingo! How perfect would these be for a Bachelorette party weekend or a fun weekend getaway? Cheers to the endless possibilities!
Available to order here.

Tis the Season...


It is time.

My most favorite time.

Pirate time.

You'll need some of this:
to put inside a large wreath like this: 
Can't wait to dress up in bright colors and sparkles to kick off the season like this:
Followed by lots of beads that looks like this:  
While drinking out of fun cups like this:
Can't wait!

Oh Heyyyy

This quote via Pinterest pretty much sums up this blog. Too much paint on our hands to touch a keyboard and update as often as we'd like. 
Ellie Elle has been working hard redoing our website and [hopefully] improving it. Check it out!
Alternating pumpkin beverages with work, we have been working on a few new custom projects. Can't wait to reveal the fun items we are creating for Never Have I Ever [NHIE] Tampa Bay's upcoming Soho Hunt event this month. You should check out their blog, they have lots of fun. 
Monday was National Coffee Day. What mug did you use? Our Coffee Collection makes perfect gifts for yourself or your friends. Add a little happiness to the day by picking out one!

Colorful Sunshine

Summer is here and boy, is it HERE! It's hot hot hot. I am staying cool inside creating colorful pretties and alternating sips between hot coffee and iced coffees. 
During the month of July in Florida it should almost be illegal to drink hot coffee on the go! Thankfully I will be heading to cooler temps later this week.
I will be leaving the Sunshine State and heading up to the happiest place on Earth-- Highlands, North Carolina! I cannot wait to breath in the fresh air and feel inspired by all the beautiful wild flowers and nature surrounding. 
This is still one of my favorite pictures I took last year when driving to Asheville for the day. Seriously? Why haven't I seen blooms like this on the side of Tampa's roads? Obviously the reason for the mini-vacay is to celebrate our beloved country. 
Nothing I love more than some good ole' Red, White and Blue! God bless the USA!
Ready to put my American feet up and enjoy this beautiful country for the next few days!
Do you have any fun plans to party like it's 1776 this weekend?