Skull Skull Skull

If you know me, you know I love skulls... or pirates, if you want to sound less creepy. Luckily I have the advantage of living in Tampa where such a love is accepted on your wardrobe every Gasparilla: So, I'm wondering why I haven't incorporated any skulls into my decor?? This sexy bathroom brought the question to my mind (skull): I've been lacking inspiration in my bathroom decor and am glad Mimi+Meg just hit me with some! So, today I will stare at photos like this and plan out my new sexy skulled bathroom And in case you are wondering... today is not Gasparilla. Does this stop my pirate attire? No Sir. Stay tuned for my after! Can't wait to have a non-boring bathroom!! I'm thinking these will make a cameo somewhere...Candles AND skulls? Yes, please! Oh, and one last thing! If you are one of my loved customers who maps out their year via front door decor... I am working on Halloween backs for the Gasparilla Skull signs! I haven't completed one yet but here's today's activity in action... Yes, it is still July but Halloween is knocking at your door!! Halloween side coming soon: Trick or treat! It's Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!