Shihadow Tzu

Today I am spending the day rearranging the shop and cleaning it... Game day drinkware is in production as well as wreaths in your favorite color combos. What does rearranging the shop entail? A small shadow weighing in at 12 lbs will follow you, growl at you, and whimper until it, too, is included in the merchandise movement (held like a baby while completing the necessary tasks). I've already kicked off the day with a shihadow tzu went like this:
K: "hmmm I'll put these candles over here" Y: "WTF are you looking at in the bathtub?" Y: "Seriously, I don't see what's stealing your attention" Y: "Fine, don't tell me... I'll jump in for a better look." Y: "Were you looking for this sequin??? Look at me... My beard found it!" Y: "I'll just cry in this corner until K picks me up" K: "Maybe I'll put this vintage vase..."
Y: "For realzies?? Now she's looking outside??" Y: "You leave me no choice but to sit on the counter and wait until I find what's over there" Y: "Get that camera out of my face"
Note: These photos were not staged in any way. This level of sass is experienced on a day-to-day basis. And now I shall conquer the store displays while toning my arm with a 12 lb weight. Let the stalking begin... Happy Tuesday!