Pumpkin Spiced Life

It's Oct. 9th and officially the first day this Florida weather even feels remotely like Fall. The iPhone says it's 81, so I must be hiding in the dark breezy areas because it's quite nice out! This "drop" in temperature fully supports my past week of pumpkin happiness. The Boutique now has pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns available!

I am just a tad obsessed with both! If only I had more doors to decorate! To kick off the season I joined some girls to bake the tastiest of pumpkin treats...Chocolate chip pumpkin muffins.
We may have altered the recipe from SkinnyTaste.com, with our own chubby girl opinions but hey, the maple glaze was completely necessary! (Notice: the recipe says nothing about any type of icing or glaze)
To complete my ringing in of Fall happiness, I went back to my Tallahassee roots last weekend--after THREE years-- and boy, oh boy, did I miss that place! The weather was perfection and since it was an away game, the town was pleasantly quiet, almost ghostly. The weekend perfection continued at my friend's wedding, completed with a confetti exit.
I've always hoped to have a wedding exit full of glitter so this was similar with a happy-everything-polka-dot twist. 
I think Autumn is when I am the happiest. Stay tuned because I'm filled with joy, Pumking, and a bit too much Pumpkin Spice!