Turns Out...

Gypsies lie. I can't wait for a car ride to make bracelets... and so far, I'm obsessed and want to hoard them all to myself...
Hello Sunshine:
Speaking of sunshine, check out this wreath heading down south to warm a newly purchased beach house:
Everyone is also loving this custom platter I made. They won't be married till March but hey, it's totes amaze. 
I'm hitting up ATL tomorrow and cannot wait! Going to refuel my gypsy vibes by embarrassing myself and friends via dancing/singing/whateveritisIdoinpublic at Passion Pit. Woo!
If my trip alone didn't excite me enough... my store was featured on a super cute blog, Two's A Company, today!! My most adorable and sweet friend Molly spotlighted small town Ki and I love it! Check out the post and all her other posts here!

Did I toot my own horn enough today?! hahaha Love you alllll! Have an amazing day!