Wreaths Gone Wild

We are well aware that leopard wreaths are a necessity for your fall door. But not everyone is a full leopard type of person. So, a leopard accent piece is always a simple way to tread into my kitty-craze. Add a hint of leopard to your life, whether it be a bow around your waist or a bow on your door... it'll bring a smile to your face(or at least mine!)Yesterday Yoko was groomed and they completed her look with a star spangled bandanna...no thanks. We had to fix that. Luckily she has extra fabric from when she sewed herself a cheetah bed. If you aren't a leopard person there's always another option for fall...Tigers!! Oops, I mean, GAME DAY!!! Although this lady has a leopard wreath, she now also is prepared to dress in her Auburn best each Saturday. I hope she can handle the amount of outfits her door is about to have. Yesterday she blogged about her goodies from Ki. Check it out and read about her super cute life!!