Fun For All Ages

Opened a box of happiness today. Ki has some fun new bracelets, adorable tooth fairy pillows and super shiny coaster sets. Fun for all ages to get through the midweek slumps! I love these new cuffs! They're only $23! Perfect little gift for your friend or yourself!! Also, People Stylewatch says everyone needs bright gold this spring, so get in here and get in style!! Luckily, I've always been dressing like a gold covered gypsy!Handwoven Stelios bracelets are $60 (thin ones) and $85 (thick woven cuff)! On another note, I remember my first tooth fairy visit, I got a whopping $13. That was a lot of money I got to put towards more Littlest Pet Shop purchases, so obviously, I was very careful with my missing teeth. Here are some super cute tooth fairy pillows to assist in keeping your little one's teeth safe, too ($16)! And last item spotlight of the day...nobody wants condensation ruining their table, so pick some of these up for your next party or to just dress up your nightstand ($23)! Have a wonderful Winesday!!!!