WOOF! There It Is

One of my most favorite things about Christmas is receiving Christmas cards in the mail. I LOVE looking at everyone's pictures and seeing how people have changed and it may come as a shock (doubtful), but I especially love when pets are included in the pictures. Now, I know everyone doesn't enjoy giggling at their pets dressed in dresses like me, soooo Ki has a solution. Fancy collars and bandanas are PERFECT for pets without embarassing them (and you). Ki has perfect ties for your Christmas card photoshoot this year. Sorry lady dogs, I don't have bows (yet!!). Also, I hope Emily had a happy birthday yesterday. She's an American girl straight from Alaska. Here's a custom mug ordered by one of her friends:
And if neither of those things fascinate you, stop by anyway. I've got a new guest book... come whisper sweet nothings onto the pages (and into Yoko's ear)...Happy Winesday!