TGIF--Thank Goodness It's Fall!

The Ki window has traded the summer daisies for some pretty peacocks! I love the teals and deep blues in each feather. To me, peacock feathers scream Fall. I may be the only one, but at least now I have a whole window of vases to back me up!Yesterday Tampa experienced some Fall-like weather and it was amazing! Due to the change in weather and the marking of October 1st, Yoko has pulled out her Halloween-inspired collar.The wood wreathes are still in the process of being finished but here's a preview of one, the "we" is the start of "welcome." This purple one is obviously for the front of the store, but I will have all different color combos and patterns. Order yours today!Last Fall comment of the day, houndstooth scarves. Your wine bottle is dying to wear one to the next party. Make it happen--you don't want your wine to whine!