Capri Blue Candle Chaos

I've been sitting and sniffin these candles all day. Ki is overloaded with volcanic scents and loving the new red jars of "Fiesta" aka Christmas-in-a-jar. The large Aloha Orchids (Teal metallic jars!) are on backorder but come let a volcano erupt in your home! Volcano reed diffusers are now available, too. These are perfect for the people who lose matches/lighters all the time and are sad when left scentless...oh wait, that's my life story. Jars: $12, Chub jar: $18, Metallic Beauty (large and in charge): $30, and diffusers: $26. If you don't know what a reed diffuser's this:You open that bottle of heaven and stick those reeds--not chopsticks--into the jar and enjoy. That simple!