Winesday Wonders: Hallowine Feedback

The past few nights I have been working away at the Ki Hallowine glasses. You may already own one if you shopped at Loli & the Bean in Tallahassee last year, but if not, here's your chance to get them again! I've got the two from last year "BOOze" and "Toxic". But, I'm also introducing a "Witches Brew" and a "Trick or Treat". I have thought about maybe making some sort of vampire blood/red wine glass. What do you think? Netflix just sent me The Twilight Saga so I will be painting tonight while watching it for the first time! Hopefully their porcelain faces and blood red lips will inspire me! Let me know what your favorite Hallowine glass would be! Maybe a Jack-O-Beer for the men...(or me, the beer lover)
Please excuse the poor quality. These are via phone via 365 days ago.