Weekly Winesday

Tomorrow is your chance to Ki-ck off your weekend right. Ki Designs is having a Tailgating-filled celebration! Please stop by and join Yoko for the festivities. We will be enjoying Nole and Gator hot dogs while sipping beer from our Ki mugs. Well, Yoko will be sipping water from her non-ki water bowl... but she will be wearing her once-cheerleading-dress-now-cheerleading-mid-drift (ohhh Porkchop, how I miss your puppy size!).

There will be a raffle to win some goodies, as well as a collection bin for donations to The Children's Home thrift store: Charlies Treasures. Please bring some items & you will receive 15% off your purchase!!
Ki will have the usual game day polka dots AND the new Giraffe Days (wine & beer). Giraffe Days will be USF, UF, and FSU. You should definitely pick one of these babies up because as you can learn from my chalkboard: Animal print is the Ki to a happy fall... just sayin...

See you all tomorrow! Yayyyy!I've also been in the process of my Missoni print-inspired glasses. I've got two so far that I'm staring at that are pretty darn cute, but they may be more Ki-ssoni than Missoni, which makes them all the more better!