Oh My, It's Monday!

So it's Monday, and I haven't blogged in over a week. So sorry. Last you heard I was full of sunshine, and apparently that sunshine took over my life. Well here's some Ki updates for you: I've got new plants outside, which look great but need a billliioonnnn times more water than the oldies. So, you'll see me watering them all day (literally)...Which is actually where I just got back from. Stores not open today but I had to go care for my new babies.
On another note, Ki attended a vendor party with Stella & Dot last week. It was fun and great exposure. My sweet Lucy assisted me, because obviously, I couldn't bring Yoko. On Saturday I went to a baby shower which was decked out with Ki glasses. Being the genius that I am, I took no pictures. So hopefully the mommy-to-be will send some over. The color scheme was teal (It's a boy!) and was held in the upstairs room at Jackson's. The mom isn't a "baby blue" kind of gal, but it still looked great and very "baby boy".
Lastly, be on the look out for more capri blue candles. The metallics are coming and a whole bunch of new casserole dishes. Super cute red & gold ones for Christmas entertaining!!Happy Monday to all! I'm spending my day organizing. Miso is currently working on sorting necklaces. See you tomorrow! I'll be there till 3.