It's Almost October. SAY WHAT??

Yoko was extremely shocked to find out it is almost October AND that we haven't blogged in like, forever, and ever. Ki has been stuck in a rut. What kind of rut? Well, a caffeine-chugging, custom-making, dead-camera rut. So, without fun filled pictures to post, we have ignored you altogether. Sorry. October 1st is just around the corner and that means: Fall. For real. Pull out your fur vests, we're over "back to school" and will be in full fledged Halloweezy mode. Pick up all your Halloween goodies here and other fun Fall items. Peacock feathers will be flooding the window soon and "Missoni"-inspired glasses are still, slowly, making their way down Mac Dill. They're having a bit of trouble missing the bus stop every morning. But no worries. Soon enough, the store will be warmed with their presence. Ki had a few wannabe-wines earlier this month, but they were so misbehaved they rolled out of the trunk when I went to let them out. Last I heard from them, they were getting "smashed." (Warning:Please wear shoes in my driveway). Also on its way into the purple door... WOODEN FRONT DOOR WREATHES! Super cool ones too, painted by me. There will be celebratory TWINS!, Welcome, and anything else that might tickle your fancy. I'm super excited. FedEx should be dropping the 17.5" wood shapes off on my doorstep as I type. So, be on the look out! Have a fabulous Wednesday! I'm going to indulge in another Double Shot Espresso & Cream (delicious!).