What Color Is Your Team?

Football season is almost here and that means fall is too! I love when fall starts to creep in and the weather starts to decrease from it's current sauna temps and I can wear a cardigan without feeling like I'm going to faint... and I especially love fall because I get to put on a garnet dress every Saturday, accessorize with my favorite gold jewelry and watch my team play! Now I know not everyone has nice things to say about my team, so Ki will support all the other teams as well. I'm pulling all nighters in my studio trying to prepare the store with all it's game day necessities. I've got garnet & gold, green & gold, orange & blue, red & pewter, and navy & blue drinkware on the way. What other colors would you like Ki to carry? Comment and let me know! Every fan needs to have a memorable game day. Yoko still remembers her first game day...
P.S. Those stemless wine glasses are plastic!! BPA-free and unbreakable!! Perfect for tailgating!

Wine Glass($18),Plastic Stemless($5),Beer Mug($15),Shot Glass($7),Champagne($12)