Owl You Doin?

Slowly but surely things are falling into place in preparation for fall. Well, maybe not outside, but at least the store is changing seasons... I'm counting down the days until Halloweezie can explode in Ki. So until then, I've scattered a few items for the occasion but am refraining to cover the entire(small) space with black glitter. I'm refocusing my energy into more appropriate not-even-September-things: football. I also noticed that the owl was upset that he wasn't going to make it up to Tallahassee for any of the games this season so I gave him his own headdress to rock in the store. He was so pleased with it that he asked me to match him. Only problem is, it upset and offended the other (live) owl (shih tzu) in the store. She wasn't given any feathers because she'd mistake them for lunch so instead she pouted on her snakeskin stump. Happy Winesday everyone! Or in Yoko's case, Happy Whine-day!