Yoko & Miso

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was a scene from Dr. Dolittle. It began Thursday night when poor Yoko had a mishap at the groomers and became very sick...
Luckily after a trip to the vet Saturday morning and lots of pain killers/antibiotics/steroids, she began feeling well enough to welcome a new baby sister into the house on Sunday...Miso, the cat. As well as have her friend Coco over on Monday.
Meet Miso:
I have adopted her after a person who my mom knows found a garbage bag at one of his development sites and picked it up thinking it was trash. Unfortunately, yet fortunately, it moved when he picked it up. He thought it was a snake or some other rodent type animal so when he opened it he was very disturbed to find a cat! She had been poisoned (lime green anti-freeze stain now on her foot) and tied in a garbage bag to die in the Florida heat! She weighs in at 6 lbs but that is slowly changing as I am spoiling her with plates full of kitten food. She hasn't officially met Yoko, but Yoko has kindly donated a couple of her beds to her...yes, Yoko has 6 beds. Miso also had a few staring contests with her and the other furby, Coco McTaggart, yesterday...no full dog-cat contact yet though.The Oko-Oco girls are quite crazy and enjoyed running full speed, as shih tzus do, through all the hallways--pushing every rug into a jumbled mess.
On a non-animal note (kind of), I've got some cute new placemats that can also be used as cutting boards. They come in black and white and you can get your pet's name on it for under their food or a set of monogrammed ones for your table. Yoko and Miso both have them under their food dishes and I've also got a white one in the kitchen for cutting Ki water jug lemons on every morning! I love them!!