Dorm Sweet Dorm

Since we all can't have this dorm...

I went ahead and decorated a dorm room for all you soon to be college students! If I remember dorm rules correctly: 1.No candles 2.No alcohol 3.Fill-in the nail holes at the end of the year. In most cases these wouldn't be too difficult to follow...except for those two girls who decided a hot pink marlin fish mount was a necessity and had to bolt it into the wall... oh wait, that was me!
Ki Designs has come up with some simple dorm decorations that are PRACTICAL necessities to all you future dorm-dwellers:

1. Adhesive mirror: Measuring 19in wide by 23in tall--it is SUPER cute with deer/birds/flowers cutout of the frame and requires no nails. You peel the back and stick it over your dresser and peel it off the wall when move out comes around!
2. French linen panel: Suspended on the wall or in front of a make-shift study space/additional clothes rack, this panel will add a chic, sophisticated look to your drab dorm. Most dorms don't allow you to hang chandeliers so this painted-on chandelier is a perfect way to fancy-up the space!
3. Reusable plastic cups: Most students wouldn’t mind having glass glasses or solo cups but I found myself surrounded with 7 smashed glasses my freshman year after a dorm shelf proved to be as old as it looked. Save glass for the future casa. Solo cups would be ok too if the environment enjoyed filling its landfills with red plastic and if you enjoy making frequent stops to the fragrant trash room for proper disposal. I think reusable plastic cups, with your initials, are perfect for sipping your 8am caffeine(Mt. Dew, of course!). Initial stickers keep your germs separate from your roommate's.
4. Vinyl decal for your door: Upon entering your room you will be happy to have a bright colored vinyl sticker to dress up your entryway.
5. Dorm Sweet Dorm canvas: Makes your dorm feel more like a home (duh)
6. Bud flower vases: Full sizes vases are too big for the dorm room. As mentioned earlier in my glass crash, a couple vases participated in the shelf attack. Small vases will dress up windowsills and desks, as well as fit nicely on the wobbly nightstand you attempt to fit between the 2 beds.
7. Yoko is not included in the dorm room--unless she sneaks in as a beta fish.
8. Ruffled pillows & giraffe towels can be found on etsy!
9. Complete your room with an amazing accent rug and an adorable chair cover.
10.Come visit Ki for more decorating help!